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Kenong (Terengganu Gamelan)

Kenong's gongs are similar to bonang's gongs but are bigger in size. Like the bonang, kenong is also an idiophone instrument. The three knobbed gongs of different sizes and pitches are laid over two wooden resonators; two gongs over a single resonator box, while the other over its own resonator. Each of the gong rests on a sound hole on top of the resonators. The kenong divides the melody into temporal sections, marking it at the end of every measure, or every two measures. Sometimes it comes in on the downbeat and its sounds softer than the sounds from the hanging gongs.

However, in gamelan Terengganu ensemble which practices slendro scales, there 5 gongs in a kenong's set. They are positioned in such a way that the player sits in the middle surround by the kenong's gongs. Below is an animation that illustrates the position.