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I was greatly thankful being able to realize this website project that i've been working on. I enjoyed the experiences I gain from the development of a website, java applet programming, gathering the material, working with warm and interesting people, and not to forget the knowledge I learn about Malay musical instrument.

I'd like to thank the folks who helped me enormously during the period of constructing this website:

Highest appreciation to P.M. Dr. Salina Abdul Samad as my supervisor for the project for providing ideas, and assistance on the direction of the project. Not to forget Mohd. Ridzuwary Mohd. Zainal for contributing synthesized angklung's sample, Firdaus and En. Mohd. Yusop Budin (UKM gamelan slendro club's coach) that help a lot during recording of gamelan's instruments. Thank you very much.

I'd also like to thank my family for their endless support. Millions of thanks and I am deeply regret for those weekends that I usually came home but I don't and instead cracking my brain off in front of the PC.

To friends Aira, Atie, Atak, Za, Chik, Badul and others, sorry for not hanging out with you guys lately, and for turning down your invitation or program during the weekend (now that I'm done, I'm available for drinks!)and lastly to Salleh who spends a lot of time with me whenever I was in stress doing programming, thanks! =)


   yours sincerely, zahrati.